Islamic Center of High Point NC

200 West Market Center Dr., High Point, NC 27260


Islamic Center of High Point welcome all members of our Muslim community to benefit from the services which are offered here at the Islamic Center of High Point. The Management has established Rules of Conduct about using Islamic Center facilities. It is the responsibility of all members follow these policies while using the Islamic Center facilities. We are humbly requesting all members, Teachers, Volunteers, Community Business owners and related organizations to follow these procedures in using Islamic Center's Building and other Facilities. If these rules are not followed we may ask you to leave the property or call the law enforcement to intervene. This applies equally to all members.

Security & Safety It is the goal of the Islamic Center of High Point to keep all visitors and members safe and secure during your visit to the Islamic Center of High Point. So for any security and safety issues, please call us immediately at 336-885-0786 or any members of the management whose phone numbers can be found under the contacts tab. It is very important to report any act of suspicious activity in or around the Islamic Center of High Point. So that we may take appropriate steps to make the facility secure and safe.

1 - No pamphlets or fliers should be distribute inside or outside the Islamic Center without approval from the management.

2 - Please restrain yourself from using loud voice inside the Center especially during prayer.

3 - No books or the Holy Quran is to be taken or removed from the Center without permission of educational administrator.

4 - No one is allowed to arrange classes or meetings to be held at ICOHP without permission of Board of Management. This approval can easily be obtained by writing a letter to the Board who will review the request and reply in writing.

5 - Marriages can only be arranged or performed after approval of marriage request application and no “immediate” or “urgent” marriages will be arranged at ICOHP under any circumstances.

6 - It is important if facilities that are shared be put back in order after use.

7 - Everyone including children of age 5 or above coming in the center must be dressed according to Islamic code.

8 - Men should dress appropriately and women should cover the hair properly.

9 - All members must take-off shoes before entering the prayer hall. Shoes should be placed on Shoe Racks.

10 - No smoking is allowed in the prayer hall or outside the center's property.

11 - Nobody (individual) or group is not allowed to sleep in the center.

12 - No music on Center's property.

13 - Do not leave you car (it will be towed on owner's expense) or personal property on the Center's property without permission of Management.

14 - Parents are fully responsible for pick-up, drop-off,and children's behavior and actions during the time they spend in the Center.

15 - Anyone want to use the telephone, must get the permission of the school administrator.

16 - Nobody is allowed to collect donation,deliver religious or political speech and any other activity without prior approval of Management.

Please follow these rules so that you and others have a peaceful and
spiritual experience at the Islamic Center of High Point. Thank you.