Islamic Center of High Point NC

200 West Market Center Dr., High Point, NC 27260



Allah the Almighty, God of the Universe. Allah is One who has no partners nor children. Allah is not only the God of Muslim but the God of all people in the present and in the past. Allah is the same God that Prophet Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Isa (Jesus), and Muhammad peace be upon all of them worshiped.

Allah is an arabic word for "God." The phrase Allahu Akbar has been a very misunderstood phrase. This beautiful phrase means "God is the Greatest" similar to the word Hallelujah used by our fellow Christians.

Muslims strive everyday to please Allah and carry out righteous acts. Millions of Muslims around the world pray to Allah five times a day in order to gain reward in the hereafter. On the day of Judgement Allah will judge all humans that ever walked on the planet earth for all their actions good or bad.